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There are so many choices in today's world. We work to understand each person so that we can provide practical tools and enriching experiences that reveal pathways to learning in high school college, and beyond. We will be as accessible as possible to customers of all social and economic backgrounds.

Three things ring clearly in uncertain times like these:

  • Child psychologists remind us that we should put our children’s and youth's needs to the forefront
  • Epidemiological science tells us that we should still plan on a 9-24 month run of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • New modes of learning are essential for navigating current and future unexpected challenges

With this in mind, youth and young adults need the emotional and practical skills to create and implement new solutions to learning and living in the world they’re inheriting.

We recognize that each student and their family has unique needs deserving of unique solutions.

We help design individualized and unique approaches to learning and parenting that fit the new circumstances of our times.

Let’s create wonderful adventures together.

"He brings tremendous experience and gentle guidance as a teacher, mentor, and principal, and school administrator in a variety of contexts—all with a goal of ensuring that young people are meaningfully engaged in their learning."

 - Amie Bishop, parent, Seattle Wa.

"Thomas believes that the uniqueness of every student must be known and honored as the foundation for their sense of self. With that validation and confidence, students feel motivated and empowered to truly learn and give of themselves, making the community thrive."

- Jennifer Ross, parent of a high school sophomore

"Thomas brings a wealth of experience in the field of education and a keen understanding of adolescent and young adult intellectual and emotional development to the table. He recognizes and focuses on the individual needs and strengths of students rather than a "one size fits all" approach."
-  Jamie Newton, Scattergood Friends Middle School Director